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Woke? Please, Go Back to Sleep!

What Starts in South Carolina…

Why Is The 2JZ Engine So Strong? This Breakdown Shows Why

The News in Zingers

The 293 hospitals with 5 stars from CMS (congrats MO/GO on BSW/RR inclusion ...)

Treated Like a ‘Piece of Meat’: Female Veterans Endure Harassment at the V.A.

If This (Horror) Story Of Government Spending Doesn't Change You, Nothing Will

Two-Thirds of the 737 Max 8 Jets in the World Have Been Pulled From the Skies

Boeing jet is forced to turn around MID-AIR after Britain bans 737 MAX planes following Ethiopia disaster, as rest of Europe and India follows suit

Former NTSB boss won’t fly on Boeing jet until Ethiopian crash mystery is solved

Losing a Hometown Hero

Extremely Rare Leopard Cubs Born in Connecticut Zoo

The mesmerizing desert plant that can 'come back from the dead'!

Sea creatures fled north in record numbers when the warm waters of El NiƱo and 'The Blob' joined forces and triggered a marine heatwave lasting TWO YEARS

The last images of the 'Queen of Elephants': Photos capture a rare 'big tusker' - a type that now numbers less than 20 worldwide

Renewable Energy's Inconvenient Truths

Nuclear Conflict and Political Scandal Eclipse Climate Change as Existential Threat

America gets its ‘ass handed to it’ in WW3 simulations: U.S. forces are defeated by Russia and China in almost all scenarios, analysts warn

Navy, Industry Partners Are ‘Under Cyber Siege’ by Chinese Hackers, Review Asserts
See the Wall Street Journal article, below.

Here Come the Robot Submarines: Meet Boeing's 4 Huge Robotic Subs

Mysterious Chinese database lists ‘breedready’ status of 1.8 million women

Mark Zuckerberg wants to build a 'brain-computer interface' that can read your THOUGHTS, report claims

Administration Plans to Close Immigration Offices Abroad

Democrats Are Trying to Get Revenge on Mitch McConnell With This SCOTUS Proposal

New York Attorney General Opens Investigation of Trump Projects

Dems flock to Pelosi on Trump impeachment

Pence, GOP senators discuss offer to kill Trump emergency disapproval resolution

Biden to run for White House, says Dem lawmaker

"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – 
which you can never afford to Lose – with the discipline to confront
the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be."
        - VAdm James Stockdale, USN (1923-2005)


Navy, Industry Partners Are ‘Under Cyber Siege’ by Chinese Hackers, Review Asserts

Hacking threatens U.S.’s standing as world’s leading military power, study says

Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer testified before the Senate Committee on Armed Services last week.
 Photo: Ron Sachs/CNP/Zuma Press
March 12, 2019 2:32 p.m. ET
WASHINGTON—The Navy and its industry partners are “under cyber siege” by Chinese hackers and others who have stolen tranches of national security secrets in recent years, exploiting critical weaknesses that threaten the U.S.’s standing as the world’s top military power, an internal Navy review has concluded.
The assessment, delivered to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer last week and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, depicts a branch of the armed forces under relentless cyberattack by foreign adversaries and struggling in its response to the scale and sophistication of the problem.
The national security implications of China’s cybertheft of advanced research from Navy contractors and universities are considered so severe that the issue has been mentioned in the presidential daily brief on multiple occasions, according to a person familiar with the matter. Some subcontractors have been breached by the same Chinese hacking group several times within the same year, despite warnings from investigators, the person said.
The Trump administration has sought in recent months to hold Beijing responsible for what officials have described as a relentless onslaught of intrusions into U.S. corporate and government networks. Chinese hackers stand accused of stealing hundreds of billions of dollars annually in intellectual property from U.S. businesses, and the Justice Department in recent months has announced a series of charges that have blamed Beijing for a variety of wide-ranging cyberattacks.
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Appeared in the March 13, 2019, print edition as 'Chinese Hackers Attack U.S. Navy, Report Says.'

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