Saturday, September 17, 2022

RV for migrants

You determine. Is this real news? Fake?  Or incomplete data? What Would Zuckerboo Say?

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Priority Watch

This link is important if you care about America....  No reference to title to avoid bots.... Just understand material like this needs to be communicated "off the grid" in America because of no freedom of communication. (Copy paste to avoid shadow ban like Soviet style controls)

Thursday, March 10, 2022



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Friday, January 21, 2022

Bumbling Biden

(A global business figure observes .. edited for anonymity) January 2022

What is frightening to me is that at the precise moment we need strong U.S. leadership Biden waffles. Blinken has come here to portray a position of strength, which I felt he did his part, and Biden stumbles and undermines that effort.  All the players here are aware Biden is the weak link.  

This is the time the world needs someone with the negotiating skills of a Jack Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, or a Donald Trump and the endurance to be up all night and navigate the waters of subtle diplomacy at a high level. The Russians and Europeans are playing chess, Biden is playing Candyland. 

I watch in horror as Biden stumbles and it emboldens those that would like to see this end in a one-sided way. That is why we are here working on-the-ground deals to secure energy production and transfer sites (to secure owners). The damage to these facilities would be even more costly ... and would result in economic damage in both Europe and Russia if an unrestrained conflict occurs. No one wants to see a repeat of 2014. Europe and Britian can ill afford a major disruption of energy resources in this COVID filled winter.  Russia needs a diplomatic victory here to secure public opinion at home. The real prize here, besides the flow of energy, is the Sea of Azov and the ability of the Russians to have a secure port on the Black Sea for their Navy in Mariupol.

It was political gamesmanship here in the Ukraine that got people injured in 2012.