Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bobby's new card


Pretty soon - there will be pictures here of some of Bobby's work.
EMAIL him at
Phone...  850-665-5841

so you can get more done.

Move a rock, Tear down a barn, Build a wall in the barn, Fix a hole, Make a hole, Dig a hole, Drill a hole, Move some junk, Cut a board, Chop a tree, Fix a fence, Move a bush, Trim a tree.   SOME DAYS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAVE YOUR BACK. That is when you call ME!
$10 an hour and up depending on the job. $30 minimum. 

 Local area -  Munson, Jay, Baker, Brewton, Allentown, Chumuckla.  I am a Veteran. I am well known in my community of Munson. 

I really do work HARD. I can be your Mexican for the day and help YOU get YOUR projects DONE.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some jobs never GO AWAY
Now, if Bobby could get one of these jobs it would solve some problems for him. Alas he has to take up any job he can find to make ends meet. Give Bobby a call today. He WORKS HARD and does great WORK.