Thursday, April 15, 2021


REAL NEWS  ***** (a daily updated selection of recent news and commentary)
All memes below are free to share - and share liberally -- (so to speak)

OBSERVATIONS global perspective

These Links provide a Daily reconnaissance of selected topics of News and Information The Youtube channels are chosen from the ME3TV News Reel Subscription list. Other supporting links for these channels may come from Rumble or other less politically restricted free voices.  


REAL NEWS  ***** (a daily updated selection of recent news and commentary)

STRATEGY PAGE --- GLOBAL insight from an insider network (behind the voices)

BLUE COLLAR VOICE - our local guy with no filter (Tommy Nichols) (FB) (Youtube) (Toc)


INVESTOR Commentary  -- economy - stocks - crypto currency - banks 

POLITICS - Commentary - sometimes politics vs economics - generally conservative

READING for Conservatives - American Thinker

NW FLORIDA - History and locations or activities or people  of interest

LEARNING - A collection of youtubes on eclectic topics that impart something interesting.

HISTORY - A collection of youtubes that offer learning on various history selections.

VETERANS - A collection of interviews and topics related to Veterans.

RANDOM ME3TV LIKED Videos -- AS viewed and liked -  Ordered as watched..

NOT YOUTUBE - LINKS TO Extended Channels - many from those who provide a youtube version as well as this version ... But sometimes requiring a "subscription" to reach the whole content.

BCP EXTRAS -- Black Conservative Patriot -- Solid Economic and Banking education/experience with a passion to bring a conservative point of view to those who will appreciate his analysis.

Wei and Kathy SHOW -- Chinese American insight to actual news in chinese. Now in English .

BONGINO REPORT - Unapologetic Dan Bongino is widely favored for his direct and sometimes inside look at political maneuvers around the world.

ECONOMICS and FINANCE - the Stansbury Report  ... Daniella Cambone -- These are some of the most current and cogent interviews on finance and economic topics.  WORTHwhile.

FRONT PAGE with Scott Goulet -  A dry - straightforward look into current political landscapes.

CROSSROADS with Joshua Philipp - A frequent update from a top reporter / journalist for EPOCH TIMES -- 

THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION -- A conservative think tank with many good interviews.

TIMCAST.COM  -- From TimCast IRL - A former liberal who moved a bit closer to the center and who offers something of a journalist's inside view of the ACTUAL news.

SOUND OF HOPE NEWS -  A team of Chinese/Americans who appreciate the conservative view remain featured on youtube - though Youtube limits their exposure.  Find and follow.

The Lindell Conference -- Closing Speech -- 

Imagine if all fact checked news were actually the TRUE News. News declared as "fake news" might be our only guage of clarity.