Friday, June 26, 2020

Some Vietnam Vets Commiserate over Trump

VET1 POSTS -- Here's why I believe that Donald J. Trump will be a one term president.
His money and his over-inflated ego have become stumbling blocks for him. He has surrounded himself by choosing his cabinet which consists primarily of nothing more than a bunch of his so called cronies...that have no respect for him or the office he holds. 
His rudeness and his very abusive mouth have offended people and foreign dignitaries around the world. Trump has lost respect from most of the human race. His insults and derogatory remarks on Twitter has shown the world his lack of intelligence and competency to run this country for another 4 years. 
I voted for this I have to live with that the rest of my life. I believed he was a refreshing change in the oval wrong I was. Do I want Biden as our president...hell no...but when you see Trumps track record in just over 3 years...its deplorable. Never has there been so much turmoil in that White House than what he brought through the front doors.
  • Vet2 I’m voting for him this year if I vote at all.

  • Vet3 I’m so surprised! I thought you were a diehard Trump supporter. I agree with everything you just posted.

  • Vet4(me) No alternatives offered. I'll take the jerk that gets results under treasonous pressure vs the continuation of dead 1970 policies to cripple the poor and maintain a profitable state to "care" for them.

  • Vet1  "vet1"..Chappy...I believe in Trump when he took office and noticed how the economy started to improve under his leadership...brought industry back to the our military where Obama let it go to hell...he's done an awful lot of good...but I've always said his big...fat...mouth would be his downfall. Looks like its true...seeing how Biden has taken a double digit lead in the polls. It's sad to think he cant act like a president should. I'll still vote for I did for Obama...regretfully.
    • VET2 --  "vet1"  you voted for Obama?

    • VET4- ME --  Vet 1 did -- he did, ( against Bush policy) but likely Russia would be our capitol now, had Gore or Hillary been in the white house (or some nukes would have spoken).

    • We often only get to choose the least worst choice in balance against a shifting congress majority. It is easier to get 3 steps forward if you only drop back two steps. But 6 steps back is a game changer.
  • Friend1 "Vet 1" , you have gone off your rocker. And that's all I'm saying about your post! Period!

  • VET4 (Me) Um. The spin on the polling is now warp. The di-lithium crystals are overheating, Scotty. No headline is safe. No story has more than 2 facts of 10 available because there is A STORY to tell you but not THE STORY. I also use now to secure more voices.

  • VET1  "Friend 1" ...Trump has shot himself in the foot so many times since becoming President...its ridiculous. He uses Twitter like it's going out of style. His 1st day in office he called the prime minister of Australia and insulted the man. I hope he's re-elected...but as it looks now...its very doubtful. These next 4 months will tell the story. Isn't it great to be able to disagree ?

  • Friend2 I didn’t vote for him because I thought he was nice. I voted for him to get things done ... which he has. You only need to see how the other side is working against him to know that a “nice guy” would have accomplished nothing. I’ll post some accomplishments here in a bit.
 ASIDE -- VET4 (me) Not sure VET1 realizes the turmoil of Trump is about CHANGE.  A HALF CENTURY of a single mindset and still producing policies from 1970 .  Trump had his work cut out for him and NObody else -- especially from government experience - was going to break up the party.   

MY BRILLIANT FORECAST --- AT least a couple months old. I want to put money on this option in Vegas....

Biden won't be on the ballot. He is a Forlorn Hope to get to the starting gate. Hillary is the Dark Horse and a demographic female will be the VP pick. It will raise massive left excitement but Trump may still win.