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ObamaCare Is Popular Because It Failed
See the second Wall Street Journal article, below.

Keep the Government out of the Grieving Process

Even George Washington May Be Erased From Our Past
See the first Wall Street Journal article, below.

Concerned About Food Waste? Study Finds Meal Kits May Be Greener Than Grocery Shopping

China's recycling ban has sent America's plastic to Malaysia. Now they don't want it -- so what next?

Aliens are interbreeding with humans to create a new hybrid species that will save our planet, claims Oxford lecturer

F-35 Program

Deputy AG: Obama Admin Didn't Tell Public 'Full Story' On Russia; 'Someone' Selectively Leaked Classified Info

Texts between the FBI's Strzok and Page draw investigator focus

How the Trump-Congress subpoena fight is likely to play out

Meet the 2020 spouses who could make history

Chasten Buttigieg emerges as Mayor Pete's secret weapon

Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020 ??? and it won't end well this time either

"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end ??? 
which you can never afford to lose ??? with the discipline to confront
the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be."
        - VAdm James Stockdale, USN (1923-2005)

FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (without permission)

Even George Washington May Be Erased From Our Past

A mural in San Francisco, which dates from 1936, is assailed because it ???traumatizes students.???

April 26, 2019 6:20 p.m. ET
A San Francisco mural has become the latest high-profile target of self-appointed censors who want to erase both history and art of which they disapprove. ???Life of Washington,??? a Works Progress Administration epic depicting scenes of America???s first president across 1,600 square feet, has been on display at a local school since 1936. Yet local activists and bureaucrats have decided its time has gone.
The president of San Francisco???s Board of Education is among the mural???
Instead of hiding history, let???s work to remember it more fully, warts, triumphs and all. The past, it has often been said, is a foreign country. We ought to know it better.
Mr. Bordewich is a historian and author of ???The First Congress: How James Madison, George Washington and a Group of Extraordinary Men Invented the Government.???

ObamaCare Is Popular Because It Failed

Only corporate America can save the U.S. from drowning in wasteful health-care costs.

April 26, 2019 6:20 p.m. ET

An ObamaCare logo on the door of an insurance agency in Miami, Jan. 10, 2017.
 Photo: rhona wise/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
ObamaCare is finally popular with the American people according to a variety of polls, and it???s instructive to understand why. The doing is Donald Trump???s and the Republicans???, and not in a way that made ObamaCare a sensible program.

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