Friday, October 5, 2018


Bottle of Whisky Sells for a Record $1.1 Million

Mysterious hole shooting out flames in Arkansas stumps officials: We've 'ruled out' Satan

• Farah Hashi, 25, of Newport, Wales, is "mad about cars," so while he was visiting friends in Dubai, they arranged for him to drive a $350,000 Lamborghini Huracan. Hashi, who has one leg shorter than the other and typically drives a custom Vauxhall Corsa mobility car, took full advantage: He was caught on roadside cameras 33 times in less than four hours on Aug. 7 as he reached a top speed of 150 mph and racked up more than $47,000 in speeding fines. Farah's brother, Adnan Hashi, said the rental company went to Hashi's hotel room and seized his passport after the fines were issued, so Hashi is stuck in Dubai until the mess can be sorted out. "There is no way he has that money," Adnan told the BBC. "He is out of work at the minute and went to Dubai to visit friends." [BBC, 8/8/2018] 

'Grievance studies': Culture of corruption at universities exposed with hoax papers

How did a PTA race go viral? Kavanaugh

Two ways to view Amazon’s $15 wage: a cynical move or as a surprising way to cut costs

Amazon accused of cutting benefits to fund pay rises

Hopes for infrastructure deal with Trump rise if Dems win House

Thailand’s Famed Maya Bay Closes to Tourists Indefinitely

Facebook says cyber-attack hackers did not use third party logins

Chinese government reportedly used microchips to hack American companies

UK: Russian spies behind the supposed ISIS ‘Cyber Caliphate’

BREAKING: Capitol Police Just Arrested a Democratic Congressional Staffer in the Doxxing of GOP Senators

Despite objection, Congress passes bill that lets U.S. authorities shoot down private drones

Judiciary Committee releases executive summary of supplemental FBI report on Kavanaugh

Why the FBI hasn’t interviewed Kavanaugh or Ford

My #MeToo bona fides --- and why I'd vote FOR Judge Kavanaugh

BREAKING: McConnell Files Cloture, Meaning the Kavanaugh Vote is Coming

Sen. Steve Daines to attend daughter's wedding Saturday despite possible Kavanaugh vote

Former ACLU leaders blast 'appalling' anti-Brett Kavanaugh ad campaign

A Force Awakens: GOP Voter Intensity Comes Roaring Back Amid Kavanaugh Firestorm

GOP sees Kavanaugh as boost for Senate, danger for House
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