Saturday, May 12, 2018


HEY - Listen UP !
People want to limit terms of CONGRESS and that is GOOD  --  but a real step they can do immediately is get rid of the congress rules about super-majority for bills to move. THAT encourages graft and pork and high cost of additions to bills as "pay off" so no bill can be clean. 

The risk is when you are the minority you cannot block a 51% vote for cabinets or most big legislation.  A few things are meant to be super-majority - like changes to the Constitution - or -  - override veto - Supreme Court maybe. But it is now an illness with nobody able to point a finger to a culprit. 

The majority wins and should legislate by MAJORITY. Even if it is liberals. (ugh)

The UPside is when the opposition is the MAJORITY  .... their bad legislation will show up quickly and can be undone by motivated voters next election ...   KNOWING clearly where to point the finger.

I am going to draw the "LAUGHING CURVE" that illustrates how congress  can just LAUGH and point fingers at their opposition without being responsible and can trade pork  and power with other seats and trade "give in" legislation that waters down the whole intended bill.

LET THE MAJORITY RULE. If you don't like it, VOTE the majority out and put another one in.  60 % SUPER Majority is a smoke screen and a very costly way to try to "hold the line" when the majority is not held by the party you choose.

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