Sunday, June 18, 2023

Wide Screen View of Ukraine 06.23


A "Wide Screen 8k View"  of the Ukraine Crisis. Excerpt from trusted sources.  .. What media has no interest in exposing. 

06.17.23 .. Ukraine

Putin continues to trade soldier's lives for time in the effort toward getting the BRICS currency project up and running.  It is a race against time to build the internal and external structure to make the currency workable while the conflict in Ukraine is ongoing.  The continuing conflict keeps American sanctions alive and unites the BRICS countries in their effort to push aside the dollar as the unilateral benchmark currency.  If the conflict in Ukraine ends, the sanctions will soften and so will the resolve of Russia's BRICS partners.  

If Russia continues to be seen as being in a defensive posture protecting Russian language/Russian culture civilians in the Donbas region against Ukranian language/Ukranian culture troops, Putin will receive support from his own people and from his BRICS partners.  The US is seen as the bully in this, and the sanctions are like a burr under a horse saddle for the BRICS nations; Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.  

As auxiliary partners, Saudi Arabia and Iran have also expressed an interest in participating in the BRICS currency once it is up and running, as well as several South American and African countries.  If Russia can hold on in a defensive position and give time for the structural interconnects of the new currency to come together, they will be in a powerful position in 2024 to come on strong in an economic way and thoroughly disrupt the US economy and European economies right at the time of the US election season. 

 Europe grows tired of the conflict and wants a negotiated way out.  If the conflict successfully extends to 2024 and Europe sees the BRICS currency coming online, Russia may succeed in fracturing NATO as Europe seeks a separate peace.  This is what Russia in gambling on, and Putin is willing to sacrifice the troops to drag this out, if he can.  

Every day progress is being made piecing together the structure for the currency, within the global central banking system, within the IMF and world bank, at the WTO, within regional and transnational banks, and through agreements being made with major transnational corporations.  

The question is, how many Russian troops can Putin sacrifice before it starts to erode his support at home?

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 The 2022 World Economic Forum (WEF) was a miserable experience, especially since the working committee speech conveniently had a technical error and wasn't recorded.  Everything was polaraised with no sense of community and there were very few positive networking events where business could be conducted.  This was not what some of us envisioned when we helped to start the events in 1971.  2023 was the first time in 20 years some of the founders didn't attend the annual WEF event.  The divide creeped in starting 6 years ago, who imagined things would go this far.  

With the collapse of the MENA project and the death of free market globalism, it should have been clear there would be a turn to the dark side.  Not only have the events radicalised around the planet saving agenda, but some of us have also become more conservative and true to our faith over time.  

Some  believed for a long time that a dedicated conservative influence would quiet the more radical factions at the Forum;  This was wrong. We will see how things go at G20 in September.  

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Uncle Vic.

Our media in America is full of Nobody Know Nothing's. How do we get this kind of insight widely understood outside of the bubble of WOKE headlines? Mein Gott im Himmel, wir sind dem Untergang geweiht ..

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