Saturday, December 26, 2020

The End Game? USA 2020 vs CCP ?

Complex military operation? THE TAKEDOWN of the deep China incursion in media, government, education and industry that is exposed now through the election hacks.

Byrne interviewed with Corsica and Agent X 12/28
(current - dynamic - insightful)

 Our nation is fortunate to have people like Byrne, Powell, Wood, Trump.  Who knows how this challenge to the election hack will end. But we can be sure - the Trump team will fight to the last moment allowed by law.

a fascinatingly honest news source from Chinese Americans

I love their description of the movie. And they are spot on!
We just watched it. The cast is a plethora of big stars of the time
and a lot of stars at the beginning of their movie careers!
You can almost name the matching characters in the Trump Time Warp.


New Guy  .. good point

This man manages to capture some of the most current news from sources that seem more trustworthy than not.  I enjoy his take - his commentary.   He had low thousands of viewers until a couple of months ago when Patrick Byrne gave him a scoop about the cyber-research behind Sidney Powell's cases.

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