Sunday, September 8, 2019


Lesson learned

Doubt, Faith and a Strange Grace in the Critical-Care Unit

A sick child couldn't leave his house. So strangers came to his window to entertain him

Keillor:?? Don't mind the jerks, just be as good as you can be for the people who know the difference and care

??? In a product expansion move that inspires one to shout, "Stay in your lane!" Oscar Meyer announced that it is entering the dessert category with the Ice Dog Sandwich -- an ice cream sandwich with cookie "buns" surrounding bits of candied hot dog meat and spicy mustard ice cream.?? United Press International reported that the company partnered with a New York ice cream company to create the confectionery treat. BONUS: French's announced the day before the creation of its own mustard-flavored ice cream together with Coolhaus. [UPI, 8/1/2019]

Why the CEO of Whole Foods Doesn???t Think Much of Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Why washing chicken ups risk of foodborne illness

Strengthen muscles as well as heart to stay fit and healthy, say top doctors

White Claw shortages have millennials in a panic

CNN Climate Show Wasn???t Just Boring

Climate change a convenient excuse for Dems to transform economy

Kim Jong Un blasts his 'helpless' officials as Typhoon Lingling slams North Korea ??? and three are confirmed dead from 133kmph winds in the South (A category 1 hurricane)

'SharpieGate' shows press will stress any 'petty' controversy to hurt Trump

These round homes have survived every major hurricane in the last 50 years, including Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. Take a look.

NOAA???s Plan to Save the Whales Has Maine Lobstermen Boiling

So...Why Did This Underwater Data Station Suddenly Just Disappear?

SNAKE! (thanks, TP ...)

Apple disputes Google's iPhone hack claim, says report 'creates false impression'

Surveillance rights, deleting people from photos, smart mirrors, and more: Tech Q&A

Here's how much Logan Paul, PewDiePie, and 8 other top YouTubers make per minute of video

DMVs are selling your data and making millions, documents reportedly reveal

Beware of creepy 'SIM swap' fraud that lets hackers take over your phone and steal your money

Sec Def wants European allies to help pay for defense projects after funds were diverted for the border wall

Top Navy SEAL admiral fires entire leadership team of SEAL Team 7

The Army is investigating how a 19-year-old diagnosed with autism was recruited

Silicon Valley???s final frontier? ???The neoliberal takeover of the human body???

The Other Immigration Morass: A Battle Over Workers??? Green Cards

Why Iran and Israel are crossing each other???s red lines

Trump cancels secret meeting with Taliban leaders, Afghan president after attack

The High Court???s Rocky Mountain Originalist

Trump???s nastiness is making him look weak

"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end ??? 
which you can never afford to lose ??? with the discipline to confront
the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be."
        - VAdm James Stockdale, USN (1923-2005)

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