Saturday, April 14, 2018


The Week in Good News: A 99-Year-Old Baseball Usher, a Yacht Race, Spring Flowers

Twisted Tale of Stolen Chagall Nears Ending

News Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Week’s Headlines (10 out of 11)

• In Turkmenistan's capital, Ashgabat, drivers of black cars are facing high costs to repaint their cars white or silver after President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov banned black vehicles because he thinks the color white brings good luck. Police began seizing dark-colored vehicles in late December, and owners have to apply for permission to repaint and re-register them. The average wage in Ashgabat is about $300 a month (or 1,200 manats); one Turkman told Radio Free Europe that he was quoted 7,000 manats for a paint job, but was told that the price would rise within a week to 11,000 manats. "Even if I don't spend any money anywhere, I will be forced to hand over pretty much my entire annual salary just to repaint," the unnamed man said, adding that his black car had already been impounded. [Radio Free Europe, 1/8/2018] 

From Loneliness to Stress and Depression

This strange syndrome causes people to think their loved ones have been replaced by identical impostors

Are NFL scouts turned off by college quarterback’s family wealth?

The Zuckerberg Hearings Prove Government Shouldn’t Regulate Facebook [" ... if you’re constantly falling for ‘fake news,’ well, that’s a you problem, because the state can’t fix stupid.”]

New Poll on Privacy Concerns May Signal Trouble for Facebook

Survey: Roughly 1 In 10 Americans Say They Have Deleted Facebook

Tesla email reveals company’s effort to silence an alleged victim with cash

Climate Change Shifting Boundary Along 100th Meridian

Climate Change Could Set Off Volcanoes

Slow Motion Ocean: Why Are North Atlantic Currents Weakening?

Weight Doesn’t Equal Safety in Cars, Trucks

Google Keeps a Record of Your ENTIRE Search History. Here’s How to Delete It in 4 Easy Steps

Inspector General Report Torches Andrew McCabe For Being a Serial Liar

DOJ tinkers with immigration courts to speed deportations

Trump: US, allies strike Syria to stop chemical weapons

What it's like to feel the shock of airstrikes

Nikki Haley to Russian Ambassador on Weapons Attack Claim: 'In Awe' You Say that 'with A Straight Face'

'They killed him in cold blood': South African farmer's pregnant wife reveals how a thug shot her husband dead in front of her and their children 'for no reason' - as Australia is urged to bring in 10,000 people under threat

House Democrats seek 20 to 30 more witnesses in Russia probe, but GOP resists

Ex-top CIA official: Brennan is doing Putin's 'bidding' by speculating about Trump blackmail

Digging: For buried treasure --- and against Trump

FBI agents may have found tapes of Michael Cohen's conversations with Trump during raid: Report

Ex-FEC chief lawyer: Trump attorney may have made a 'colossal screwup' with Stormy Daniels statement

Former FEC Chairman To Mark Levin: Stormy Daniels Money Cannot Be In Kind Campaign Contribution

Payment stories involving Trump and his lawyer/fixer generate great headlines, ratings. But here's why, even if true, nothing will likely come of them

"Political language - and with variations this is true of all political 
parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists - is designed to make lies 
sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of 
solidity to pure wind."
          - George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language", 1946

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