Wednesday, November 22, 2017

PLATT - Misc News

Girl Scouts warn parents about forcing kids to hug relatives for the holidays (Actually a pretty good article teaching kids about consent.)

Strange tale: Why the tail chopped from your Thanksgiving turkey will travel 5,000 miles

This idyllic Swiss village wants to pay you more than £50,000 to move there

The News in Zingers

After Weinstein: A List of Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct and the Fallout for Each

25 Richest Members of Congress

What $1,000 invested in 15 popular stocks before Great Recession looks like now

Toyota Warns US Workers: Build Camry for Less, or Else

Amazon wants to disrupt the neighborhood pharmacy—but its sketchy health products could get in the way

$900MM – Stanley Black And Decker Buys Craftsman

Geo-Economics in Central Asia and the ‘Great Game’ of Natural Resources: Water, Oil, Gas, Uranium and Transportation Corridors (WP)

Soil Management: Key to Fighting Climate Change?

More Harvey-Sized Hurricanes Likely to Hit Texas (Same old bulls__t ... Harvey wasn't particularly large, it just hung around for a long time.)

A Helping of Science With Your Thanksgiving Dinner

This man is about to launch himself in his homemade rocket to prove the Earth is flat

What monarch butterflies prefer

Are your medical records safe?

• Two women in Arlington, Texas, called police for help on July 10 as a mentally ill man doused himself with gasoline in preparation to commit suicide. When responding officers began talking with the distraught man, he poured more gasoline on himself and appeared to be holding a lighter in his hand. Hoping to subdue him, one of the officers used his Taser on the man and the gasoline ignited, engulfing him in flames. Officers wrapped him in blankets and removed him from the house. His family reports he was severely burned, and at press time he was in critical condition. [NBC DFW, 7/11/2017] 

FCC plan would give Internet providers power to choose the sites customers see and use (This is a really, really, really BAD idea.  The end result will be massive censorship.  If you think the problem with the liberal print media is bad, wait until the liberals control the ISPs.)

Low-skilled immigrants and their correlation with why America can't $hake child-poverty rates

Single U.S. airstrike wipes out 100 terrorists in Somalia

The US Secretly Let Thousands Of Heavily Armed ISIS Fighters Escape Raqqa In Broad Daylight

The Latest: US slaps new sanctions on NKorean, Chinese firms

With technology, these researchers are figuring out North Korea’s nuclear secrets (All of this might be unavailable under the proposed FCC internet rule.)

Air China suspends North Korea flights, deepening isolation


“The last resort of the competitive economy is the bailiff, but the ultimate sanction of a planned economy
is the hangman."
                ~ F. A. Hayek

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